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Best CPR & First Aid Training serves the areas of Weatherford, Mineral Wells, Stephenville, and Eastland. We come to you!  Class are provided at your location and are scheduled to meet your needs.

Our mission is to provide high quality, affordable CPR, AED, and First Aid training. Our goal is to have students come away from training with the knowledge, competence and confidence to perform life saving skills.

Best CPR & First Aid Training is affiliated with American CPR, a national company that has been a leader in Safety Training for 20 years. 

Programs are fun, easy-to-learn and are designed for every student level.  Programs include A/V presentation, lecture, demonstrations and plenty of hands-on practice with top quality equipment

Classes meet International Guidelines Conference on CPR Standards, the most recent AHA/ILCOR guidelines and are ECC & OSHA compliant.  First Aid & CPR Classes meet Texas DFPS requirements.


Call 817-808-1784 or email to schedule a class or for more information.


Advanced/Healthcare Provider CPR/AED (American CPR Certificate)
Target Audience: Healthcare providers who require certification in advanced CPR.
Includes:  2 Year Certificate, Student Handbook,  CPR practice kit.
Couse Content:  1 and 2 rescuer Adult, Child and Infant CPR and AED; foreign body
 obstruction; use of bag mask; written and skills exam.
Time:  Approximately 3 hours
Cost:  4-7 students $45 each; 8-10 students $40 each.

Adult, Child & Infant CPR/AED
Target Audience: Lay rescuers who require CPR certification to comply with workplace requirements and regulations, e.g., first responders, childcare providers, teachers, security guards, lifeguards, airline personnel, corporate employees.
Includes:  2 Year Certificate, Student Handbook, CPR practice kit, CPR reminder pen. 
Couse Content:  Adult, Child  and Infant CPR, AED; "Hands-only" CPR, first aid for choking, recognizing signs of life threatening emergencies, written and skills exam.
Time:  Approximately 3 hours
Cost: 4-7 Students $40 each; 8-10 students $35 each
This course may be combined with First Aid & Emergency Care to save time & money!

First Aid & Emergency Care 
Target Audience Students who required first aid certification for the workplace including OSHA 
Standards, corporate employees, childcare providers, teachers, security guards, lifeguards.
Includes:  2 Year Certificate, Student Training Hand Book, and training kit
Course Content: First aid basics, medical, environmental & injury emergencies. Class may be tailored
to emphasize pediatric or adult first aid.
Time Approximately 3 hours
Cost: 4-7 Students $45 each; 8-10 Students $40 each
This course may be combined with a CPR course to save time & money!

First Aid and CPR Combination
Target Audience: Students who require First Aid training and CPR training for the workplace, 
particularly child care providers.
Includes:  2 year Certificate in Adult, Child & Infant CPR/AED, 2 year Certificate in First Aid, 
Student Training Handbooks, CPR & First Aid training kits, reminder pen.
Course ContentCombines CPR and First Aid Training in one convenient class.  Class may be 
tailored to emphasize pediatric or adult first aid.
Time: Approximately 5 hours.
Cost: 4-7 Students $55 each; 8-10 Students $50 each.

Community Adult Hands-Only CPR/AED (Child & Infant CPR Optional)
Target Audience:  Individuals, community groups, youth groups  who want to learn bystander 
CPR to assist in emergencies or who have family members at risk.  
Includes: Reminder card, optional certificate of participation.
Course Content:  Hands-only Adult CPR and AED, optional Child & Infant CPR.
Time:  1 hour
Cost:  4-7 Students $10 each;  8-10 Students $7 each 

Blood Borne Pathogens
Target Audience Students who require BBP training to comply the wokplace requirements and OSHA Standards.  
Course Content Blood borne diseases, Universal Precautions, Personal Protective Equipment, Exposure Control.
Includes Certificate of Completion, Student Training Handbook, Training Kit, written exam.
Time Approximately 1 hour
Cost 4-7 Students $15 each;  8-10 Students: $10 each.
This course may be combined with a CPR course  and/or First Aid course to save time & money! 

Gather a group of friends, neighbors or co-workers and have fun learning CPR!

Consider the Community CPR/AED Course.
We can also arrange presentations on a variety of health care topics. Call for more information.


Call 817-808-1784 or email to schedule a class or for more information.